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The Township of Uxbridge Building Services department will continue to accept applications via regular mail and the 'Red Barn' Drop Box at Town Hall. Contact us to learn how to submit applications with large sets of drawings. Please call Brian at 416-990-1936 or Michael at 416-427-8660, or email bpigozzo@uxbridge.ca.

To book a building inspection for a non-occupied dwelling please email bpigozzo@uxbridge.ca.

Building Permits

Why are Building Permits Required?

Building permits are required to ensure all buildings are constructed in a safe manner. Building permits are reviewed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. Building permits are required for new buildings, additions, renovations, demolition, decks, sheds, accessory structures, farm buildings. It is unlawful to start construction or demolition before you have a building permit.

Building Permit Applications

If you are planning on building, contact the Development Services Department and speak with a Building Inspector. The Building Inspector can walk you through the process.

Building permit applications are available at the Township of Uxbridge offices. Every building permit application must be accompanied by at least 2 copies of the plans, specifications and the permit fee. Permits will be reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code. It may be necessary to obtain approvals from other agencies prior to the issuance of the building permit. Please speak to a Building Inspector to determine whether approvals from other agencies are required.

Building permits are not required for new buildings with a building area less than 10 m2.

In most instances, the cost of a building permit is based on the area of the building. However, there are some cases where the building permit fee is fixed. Please refer to the Township of Uxbridge fee schedule for applicable fees.


Building Permit Fees

The information below summarizes the Building By-law of the Township of Uxbridge. This information is intended only as a guide. Applicants should review the approved by-law and consult with the Township of Uxbridge to determine the charges that may apply to specific development proposals.


Minimum Permit Fee $125.00
New Construction and Additions:  
Group A - Assembly - ALL $13.90 m2
Group B - Institution - ALL $13.90 m2
Group C - Residential  
Single Detached, Semi-detached and Link Dwellings $11.65 m2
     Duplex, Townhouse $11.65 m2
     Other Multiples 'C' $11.65 m2
     Motels, Hotels (2 storeys or moe) $11.65 m2
Group D - and Group E - Business and Personal Services and Mercantile $10.50 m2
Group F - Industrial $7.22 m2
Agriculture Buildings  
Farm Buildings $2.14 m2 ($1,000.00 max)
Riding Arena $2.86 m2 (max $2,000.00) for first 1350 m2, $2.86 thereafter
Riding Arena with Bleachers and/or Washrooms $2.86 m2 (no maximum)
Alterations and Renovations  
Interior Partitions & Finishing, Basement Finishing (Tenant Alterations, Apartment in House) $5.56 m2

Minor Residential Structures and Alterations including
Decks, gazebos (each)
Incidental partitioning of a basement fireplace, wood stove (each) garage, carport, storage shed (50m2)
Water and Sewer Connection
Other similar minor projects associated with a residential use

Minor Non- Residential Structures including
School portables (each)
Temporary prefabricated trailers (each)
Temporary Tent (each)
Other similar minor structures associated with a non-residential use

Designated Structures  
Telecommunication Towers and Wind Turbines $305.00 per structure
Solar Collectors $320.00 plus $1.75 m2 on collectors over 230 m2
Retaining Wall $4.05 per linear m
Other Designated Structures under 2.1.2 $120.00 each
Other Fees  
Alternative Solution Application/Evaluation $100.00/hr minimum 4 hrs ($400.00)
Resubmission of application to be found incomplete 25% of application fee
Revision to permit $130.00
Transfer of permit $130.00
Re-examination - Change in house model $300.00 plus the fee prescribed in Part B as a result of any additional area
Re-examination - other than 5 (a) 10% of applicable permit fee to a maximum of $1,000.00
Certification of House Models  
Reactivation of Dormant File $100.00
Building Permit Surcharge 100% of application fee, minimum $120.00
Additional Inspection $100.00
Sales Centre  
Sales Centre $1,050.00
Stand Alone (HVAC & Plumbing)  
New HVAC System - residential dwelling $140.00
New HVAC System - buildings less than 278 m2 $0.52 m2
New HVAC System - buildings greater than 278.1 m2 $0.40 m2
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust/Spray Booth $140.00 each
Sprinkler Systems $4.52 m2
Plumbing Fixtures $13.52 per fixture
Backflow Preventor $13.52 each
Manhole, Catchbasin $13.52 each
Interceptor, Sump, etc $13.52 each
Water, Sanitary, Storm Service $13.52 each
Other Classes of Permits  
Demolition Permit $150.00 plus $1,000.00 performance bond
Performance Bond for each new Residential Lot $1,000.00
Conditional Building Permit 10% of Applicable Building Permit Fee to a maximum of $2,500.00 in addition to applicable fee
Change of Use Permit $70.00 for each 100 m2 of floor area or part thereof
Occupancy Permit for Unfinished Buildings $250.00

Development Charges

Development Charges Fee Chart - Effective July 1, 2019

The information below summarizes the Development Charge Policy of the Township of Uxbridge. This information is intended only as a guide. Applicants should review the approved by-law and consult with the Township of determine the charges that may apply to specific development proposals.

Residential (as of May 13, 2019)
Charge Per Unit Type
  Singles & Semis
Rows & Other Multiples
Special Care/
Special Needs
General Government $10 $8 $5 $3
Library Services $692 $530 $346 $238
Fire & Rescue $749 $573 $375 $257
Animal Control $51 $39 $25 $18
Parks & Recreation $6,705 $5,133 $3,352 $2,305
Public Works $110 $84 $55 $38
Township Engineering $6,925 $5,302 $3,462 $2,380
Total Municipal Charge $15,242 $11,669 $7,620 $5,239
(1) Based on Persons Per Unit of: 3.3 3.0 2.0 1.1

Non Residential
Charges Per Square Metre of New Gross Floor Area

Non-Residential Development Charges
effective May 13th, 2019

  $sq.m of GFA
General Government $0.08
Parks & Recreation $0.00
Fire & Rescue $4.96
Animal Control $0.00
Library Services $0.00
Public Works $0.77
Township Engineering $48.01
Total Municipal Charge $53.82

Single Family Dwelling Standard Fees

Please note that other fees may be required depending on lot location. This information is provided for general purposes only. Please contact the Building Department for current requirements.

In addition to the above a $1,000.00 performance bond shall be required for each new residential dwelling unit to be constructed. Said performance bond shall be refunded (without interest) to the permit holder provided the dwelling units(s) is completed within two (2) years of the date upon the permit was issued.

Single Family Dwelling (Standard Fees) Chart Effective July 1st, 2019

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Refund Of Permit Fees

(If requested in writing by an applicant or permit holder)

  • 85 percent if administrative functions only have been performed
  • 60 percent if administrative and zoning functions only have been performed
  • 50 percent if administrative and zoning and plans examination have been performed and permit not issued
  • 25 percent if the permit has been issued
  • No refund of any portion if construction or demolition has commenced

If the calculated refund is equal to or less than the minimum fee applicable to do the work, no refund shall be made of the fees paid.

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Building and Plumbing Inspections

To book an inspection you must call the following number and extension and leave the following information:

Please call prior to 3:00pm to ensure an inspection for the following day*
905-852-9181 Extension 403

Information Required:
Municipal Address
Lot and Concession Number
Permit Number
Inspection Type
Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
Name of Inspector

Note: We will no longer do inspections that are not scheduled a minimum of twenty-four hours in advance.

* Inspections will be done the following day if staffing and time restraints permit. Inspections will be done within 2 days.

Brian Pigozzo, CBCO
Chief Building Official

Development Services Department
51 Toronto St. South
P.O. Box 190
(905) 852-9181 ext. 214
(905) 852-9674 (fax)
Email: bpigozzo@uxbridge.ca

Mike Klose
Building Official

Development Services Department
51 Toronto St. South
P.O. Box 190
(905) 852-9181 ext. 208
(905) 852-9674 (fax)
Email: mklose@uxbridge.ca

Mildred Barrett
Administrative Assistant, Building Division

Development Services Department
51 Toronto St. South
P.O. Box 190
(905) 852-9181 ext. 229
(905) 852-9674 (fax)
Email: mbarrett@uxbridge.ca

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