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Durham District School Board

Durham Continuing Education

Durham College
(North Campus Uxbridge)
2 Campbell Drive., 2nd Floor, Suite 201
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1H6
Tel: (905) 852-7848 or
Toll Free: 1-800-461-3260
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Elementary Schools

Goodwood Public School
4340 Front Street
Goodwood, Ontario
L0C 1A0
Tel: (905) 640-3092
Fax: (905) 640-0625
Email: goodwood_ps@durham.edu.on.ca
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Joseph Gould Public School
144 Planks Lane
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1M6
Tel: (905) 852-7631
Fax: (905) 852-7237
Email: josephgould_ps@durham.edu.on.ca
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Scott Central Public School
421 Regional Road 11
Sandford, Ontario
L0C 1E0
Tel: (905) 852-9751
Fax: (905) 852-2032
Email: scottcentral_ps@durham.edu.on.ca
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Quaker Village Public School
295 Brock Street West
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1G1
Tel: (905) 852-7303
Fax: (905) 852-7692
Email: quakervillage_ps@durham.edu.on.ca
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Uxbridge Public School
64 Victoria Drive
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1H2
Tel: (905) 852-9101
Fax: (905) 852-9155
Email: uxbridge_ps@durham.edu.on.ca
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Uxbridge Secondary School
127 Planks Lane
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1K5
Tel: (905) 852-3391
Fax: (905) 852-4075
Email: uxbridge_ss@durham.edu.on.ca
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Durham Separate School Board

St. Joseph's Catholic School
25 Quaker Village Drive
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1A1
Tel: (905) 852-6242

Independent School

Uxbridge Montessori School
162 Main Street
Uxbridge, Ontario
L9P 1K9
Tel: (905) 852-6377
Email: www.uxbridgemontessori.com

Other Resources

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