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Public Works staff will continue to manage roads. Residents are asked to report any problems by email or by calling 647-224-4307. Construction work on the Brock St. Culvert project will continue.

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 325 km of Township roads.  Please note that the Region of Durham is responsible for all regional roads (Regional Roads 1,8,11,13,21,23,30 & 39).

Road maintenance includes snow plowing, sanding, snow removal, grading, patching, ditching, potholes, sidewalks, culverts, boulevard tree trimming, rural roadside grass cutting, streetlights, traffic and street signs, roadside garbage, street sweeping, storm sewers and the construction of roads infrastructure.

Public Works is also responsible for school crossing guards.

Street Light Maintenance

To report a malfunctioning street light, please contact Jo Ann Merrick at 905-852-9181 ext. 202 or by email at jmerrick@uxbridge.ca



For information on the Brock Street Culvert Prepatory Work, please click on the links below:  


Stantec Stormwater Management Pond Assessment

Stantec Consulting Limited conducted an assmessment of Twenty Two (22) Stormwater Management (SWM) Facilities within the Township of Uxbridge in 2012 to assist the Township in prioritizing maintenance activities.  Below is a link to the full document.

Stormwater Management Master Plan - Uxbridge Urban Area and Hamlet of Coppin's Corners, Township of Uxbridge - Final

Stormwater Management Pond Presentation

Notice of Study Completion - Stormwater Management Master Plan - Uxbridge Urban Area and Hamlet of Coppin's Corners, Township of Uxbridge - Notice


Director of Public Works: Ben Kester C.E.T., CRS-S
Township of Uxbridge
51 Toronto Street South
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1T1
Phone: (905) 852-9181ext. 215
Fax: (905) 852-9674
Email: bkester@uxbridge.ca

Road Operations Manager: Bill Rynard, C. Tech, CRS
Public Works Depot -519 Regional Road 8
Phone: (905) 852-9087
Fax: (905) 852-1992
Email: brynard@uxbridge.ca

Operations & Capital Project Technologist:  Lukas Gillham, C.E.T.
Township of Uxbridge
51 Toronto Street South
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1T1
Phone:  (647) 228-3916
Fax:  (905) 852-1992
Email:  lgillham@uxbridge.ca

Administrative Assistant: Jo Ann Merrick
Township of Uxbridge
Phone: (905) 852-9181 ext. 202
Fax: (905) 852-9674
Email: jmerrick@uxbridge.ca

Facility Booking Clerk:  Karen Ryl

Phone:  (905) 852-6761
Email:  kryl@uxbridge.ca

Public Works Department Fees

Design Criteria (CD Format)  
     Picked up at Municipal Office $25.00 plus HST
     Mailed $25.00 plus postage
Road Damage Deposit $500.00 (refunded after work is complete and inspected)
Entrance Permit $1,125.00 ($1,000.00 refunded after
entrance is finished and inspected
Filming Permit - Daily $500.00 - daily
$1,000 - 3 consecutive days
$1,750.00 - 4 to 7 consecutive days
$2,500.00 - over 7 consecutive days
plus applicable rental fees for municipal facilities or cost recovery for any municipal service
Filming Guide Permit Application Form
Municipal Consent $150.00
Encroachment Agreement Application $300.00 plus all external costs

Entrance Permits 

An entrance permit is required if you are building a new driveway or widening an existing driveway.

For more information Jo Ann Merrick at 905-852-9181 ext 202 or by email jmerrick@uxbridge.ca

Road Occupancy Permit

Road Occupancy Permit


The Director of Public Works and Operations considers to permit or not permit encroachments on public lands on an individual basis dependant upon the Applicant being able to prove that the need for the encroachment is reasonable, feasible and no alternative option exists.  In addition, the Applicant must prove to the Director of Public Works and Operations that the encroachment does not jeopardize the health and safety of the public, must be in the public's best interest and must be minor in nature.

Please review the Encroachment By-law prior to making application for an Encroachment Agreement.

A request for an Encroachment Agreement will only be accepted using the Encroachment Agreement Application Form

Online forms are available in PDF “Fill & Email” format.  “Fill & Email” PDF forms allow you to enter and save information directly from your computer and email the form with the information you entered.  PDF forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer. This software is free and available from the Adobe Website. 


Adopt-A-Road Program

Township of Uxbridge Alcohol Policy

Roadside Memorials Policy

Downtown Uxbridge Flood Reduction  

Township of Uxbridge and Region of Durham
Downtown Uxbridge Flood Reduction
Schedule 'C' Municipal Class Environmental Assessment
Environmental Study Report 

Downtown Uxbridge Flood Reduction
Environmental Study Report
Appendix A: Historical Newspaper Records of Flooding
Appendix B: LSRCA Flood Management Proposal

Appendix C:  Terms of Reference for Update to 1983 Flood Relief Study

Appendix D:  Steering Committee Meeting Reports
Appendix E: Culvert Condition Assessment Reports
Appendix F:  Uxbridge Brook Geomorphic and Aquatic Hatitat Assessment Report
Appendix G:  Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report
Appendix H:  Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Report
Appendix I:  Parking Demand Study Report
Appendix J: Archaeological Assessment Report
Appendix K:  Soils Investigation Report
Appendix L: Conceptual Design Drawing of the Preferred Solution
Appendix M:  Stakeholder List
Appendix N:  Public Notices and Advertisements
Appendix O:  Project Correspondence
Appendix P: Project News Articles
Appendix Q:  BIA Presentation and Press Briefing
Appendix R: Public Information Centre Material

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