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Tourist information can be found at various Tourism Ambassador sites downtown or at the Uxbridge Library, the Uxbridge Historical Centre and the Township of Uxbridge. For additional information, please visit this page.


Uxbridge Tourist Information

Visit the new tourism website
Phone: 905-852-0400
Email: tourism@uxbridge.ca

For information related to Tourism in the Township of Uxbridge please contact:
Lisa John-Mackenzie
Tourism Development Coordinator
Township of Uxbridge
Phone: 905-852-0400
Email: tourism@uxbridge.ca

Uxbridge Tourism Videos

Chapter 1 -- Trail Capital of Canada -- Uxbridge Township Welcomes You

Chapter 2 -- Uxbridge Train Station

Chapter 3 -- Uxbridge Music Hall

Chapter 4 -- Downtown Dining

Chapter 5 -- Uxbridge Historical Centre

Chapter 6 -- Leaskdale Manse – National Historic Site and Historic Leaskdale Church

Chapter 7 -- The Thomas Foster Memorial – The Diamond of Durham (part 1)

Chapter 8 -- The Thomas Foster Memorial – The Diamond of Durham (part 2)

Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee (AVEC)

This Committee recognizes that public art has a positive impact upon our Community. Public art enhances appearance, generates greater respect for community pride among residents, increases respect for public property and promotes tourism. Public art and visualenhancement contributes to the dynamic nature of our community for both residents and tourists.

With this in mind, The Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee (AVEC) was initiated as a committee of Council by the Township of Uxbridge in 2011, to document and oversee the location of current art thoughout the Township. Further, the commiittee shall function in an advisory capacity to review and make recommendations regarding future placement of art and potential degradation within the Township.

This committee will facilitate the creation of new public art through funding, research, commissions, location and maintenance. The key component of any recommendation will deal with sources of funding for the maintenance of the art work.

Art and Visual Enhancement Committee - Mapping Art Chart

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