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Who we are?

Heritage Uxbridge is commissioned by Council to function as an advocate for the preservation and conservation of heritage properties within the Township.  Heritage Uxbridge shall advise and assist Council in matters relating to heritage conservation districts and individual structures and properties of of historical, cultural and/or architectural significance.  Heritage Uxbridge will advise property owners in undertaking appropriate conservation/preservation and maintenance practices.  Heritage Uxbridge will achieve this purpose by working with Township staff, consultants, other Township committees and related heritage and cultural agencies.

Duties and Functions


Meeting Minutes -  2019

March 2019 Heritage Uxbridge Minutes
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Meeting Minutes - 2013 to 2017 

Township of Uxbridge Heritage Sign Guidelines

Township of Uxbridge has developed guidelines regarding signage within the heritage district please click here for further details regarding the guidelines.

Special Projects

Tin Mill

Appreciation Awards
In 2008 the "Heritage Appreciation Award" was established by the Committee to recognize those individuals "for taking the initiative and action to preserve our past".  The first recipients, Strawberry Threads, Rutledge's Jewellers and the Tin Mill have received this award.  The Heritage Sign By-law Guidelines is used as a reference to determine award recipients, and the boundaries include the entire Township.  Information about how to recieve this award along with the ideas on improving building facades, windows and general landscapes in keeping with a heritage appearance, can be found in the Heritage Uxbridge Sign Guidelines at the Township Office. 

Downtown Revitalization
In 2009 the committee was involved with the "Downtown Revitalization" project and those plans and policies that will guide the Township with its development of the downtown core.  Further, the committee continues to maintain a close watch on the Pickering Airport lands, and will endeavour to help protect any properties of historical and cultural value found within that area.

In 2006 the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society were proud, of the ownership of the Historic Leaskdale Church. In 2011 the Church received a Provincial Heritage designation.

Murals of Uxbridge

The following list of businesses have worked with Heritage Uxbridge in adding historic murals to their buildings.
2009 - Vince's Market
2009 - Shoppers Drug Mart
2010 - Mark's Work Warehouse
2011 - A&W
2011 - Mustard Farm
2012 - Pharmaplus
2013 - TD Canada Trust

Heritage Plaques - Heritage Pride Program

This is an excellent opportunity to increase our sense of community and identify the rich heritage built by those who founded and developed Uxbridge.  Each plaque will state the date (or approximate date) of construction, the original owner/notable owner, and/or the owner's occupation.  Buildings that were built before 1910 are eligible.  Buildings built after 1910 may be considered on receipt of written description of the exceptional heritage characteristics with an application.  To view further details regarding the Heritage Pride Program and/or the Application Form, please click here

Properties Plaqued Under Heritage Uxbridge Plaque Program

Heritage Register 

At the Council meeting on October 1st, 2007, Council adopted a Register of Municipal Heritage Properties.  Attached is a list of additional properties to be added to the Register as requested by the Heritage Committee.  

Under Subsection 27(1) of the Ontario Heritage Act, the municipal clerk is required to keep a current register of properties of cultural heritage value or interest situated in their respective municipality.  

This register must include all properties in the municipality that are designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act by the municipality or by the Minister of Culture and shall include:  

a)  a legal description of the property;

b)  the name and address of the owner;

c)  a statement explaining the cultural heritage value or interest of the property and a description of the heritage attributes of the property.  

As of 2005, the Ontario Heritage Act also allows municipalities to include on the municipal register properties of cultural heritage value that have not been designated.  This is commonly known as listing.  Listing is a means to formally identify properties that may have cultural heritage value or interest to the community.  It is an interim measure of protection for these properties.  The register provides the following benefits:  

This allows time for the municipality to decide whether to begin the designation process to give long term protection to the property.  

Upon consultation with the local Heritage Committee, properties can be added to or deleted from the register at any time by Council.  The register is a document that must be consulted by the municipality when development proposals or permits are being considered.  This is a public document and must be made available to the public for review.  Although there is no requirement under the Act to notify the owners of such properties, it is recommended.  

This register is the first step a municipality should take in the identification and evaluation of a property that may require heritage conservation, recognition and/or long term protection such as designation.  

Once a register has been established, it then becomes an ongoing process of evaluation for each individual property to determine if the property warrants designation under the Ontario Heritage Act. 

Once Council adopts the list of properties, the list is then provided to the Development Services  Department and should be referenced whenever a demolition permit is applied for. 

There are no other conditions or restrictions for undesignated properties contained on the list. 

Designated Properties 
(under the Ontario Heritage Act) 

Non-Designated Properties
Of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest


Heritage Uxbridge Committee Members 2019 - 2022

Council Representatives:  Mayor Dave Barton and Councillor Pamela Beach
Robin Coombs
Maggie MacKenzie Cook
Michelle Viney
Eileen Wilson
Hailey Weatherbee

If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member of Heritage Uxbridge, please contact the Clerk:

Debbie Leroux
Director of Legislative Services/Clerk
P.O. Box 190
51 Toronto Street South
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1T1
Telephone: (905) 852-9181
Fax: (905) 852-9674
Email: dleroux@uxbridge.ca

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