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Staff are responding to by-law complaints deemed to be immediate public health or safety concerns. Residents are asked to submit complaints using our online submission form or by email. Complaints will be addressed when it is safe and feasible to do so.

To pay a parking ticket please use our secure, 'Red Barn' dropbox or pay online. To speak to a parking officer please leave a message at 905-852-9181 or email bylaw@uxbridge.ca.


The Township  of Uxbridge By-law Services operates on a formal written complaint basis with the exception of the Traffic by-law. When a complaint is received, it is assigned to an officer who will determine if the complaint is valid or not. If the matter is valid it will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken as outlined by the specific municipal by-law.
Should you wish to receive updates on the status of your complaint you will need to contact the officer that has been assign the complaint or email bylaw@uxbridge.ca.

By-law Services may pursue by-law infractions without benefit of a formal written complaint if an officer determines a hazardous condition which poses an immediate threat to the safety or health of persons.  

The Traffic By-law is proactively enforced on a daily basis which includes Fire Routes, Accessible Permit only parking Spaces and Prohibited area. From November 1st to April 1st the overnight parking restrictions are proactively enforced. Please note that the 3hr parking timeframe on municipal roadways extends the entire year so you may be issued and infraction during the summer, spring and fall months.  

Click here to learn about Frequently Asked Questions.  Email the by-law department bylaw at symbol town dot uxbridge dot O N dot ca

If you would like to exercise option #2 on the back of your parking infraction (Plea of guilty with an explanation), please contact the Manager of By-law Services at 905-852-9181 ext. 223 to arrange a parking ticket review appointment.

Please note that due to amendments to the Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P33, the Township of Uxbridge By-law Department will no longer accept trial requests sent my mail.  Effective March 1st, 2013 trial requests must be made in person or by an agent attending Town Hall, 51 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge during regular business hours (Monday to Friday - 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m.)

For names and contact information of current By-Law Officers, please see information listed
on the By-Law Services Website Page

10. PARK IN EXCESS OF 3 HOURS   $45.00
13. PARK BETWEEN 2A.M. AND 7A.M.   $45.00

Winter By-Law Information

Overnight Parking

Please be advised that By-law 2013-184 prohibits overnight parking from November 1 until April 1 between the hours of 2am and 7am on roadways and Municipal lots within the Township of Uxbridge. 

Snow Removal Obstruction

Did you know that in accordance with the Township of Uxbridge Traffic By-law 2013-184, it is an offence to stop any vehicle on a highway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic or the clearing of snow from the highway?

Please make sure you park off any highway or roadway so as to permit snow removal equipment and vehicles to clean the streets during the winter season.

Sidewalk Responsibilities

Snow Removal By-Law 2008-160 states every owner/occupant of any building or vacant lot within the Township of Uxbridge shall clear all snow and ice from any sidewalk(s) adjacent to their property within 24 hours after the accumulation of snow and/or ice.

Snowmobile By-law

Please keep the Township Snowmobile By-Law in mind while operating your motorized snow vehicle this winter season.  You are not permitted to ride your snowmobile on any sidewalks, park lands or any other Township property except to cross.  Any person found in contravention of this By-Law is liable to a fine.

Summer By-Law Information

West Nile Virus & Mosquitoes

To help eliminate mosquitoes around your home and property, eliminate all standing water.  Mosquitoes can develop in standing water and tall grass provides a home for these insects.
Some examples of where the standing water may accumulate is in roof gutters, tire swings, planter boxes, bird baths, wading pools and trash cans.

Clean & Clear By-law

The Township Clean and Clear By-law stipulates every owner shall keep their property drained of standing or stagnant water and cleaned and cleared up.  This includes maintaining the grass/weeds on your property to a maximum height of 15cm.

Recreational Sport Vehicles

While operating your ATV, dirt bike and other motorized vehicles this summer season, please remember the Township Parks By-law prohibits riding on Township property, in parks, countryside preserves and all trails.

In addition, the operation of such vehicles on a public road is restricted by The Highway Traffic Act and governed by Durham Regional Police.  Operation of these vehicles requires valid Ontario Licence plates and insurance on any road in Ontario.

If you are found riding in prohibited areas, you are subject to fines. 

General Information for Township of Uxbridge Owned Parking Lots

From the 1st of November through April 1st of each calendar year overnight parking in any Township parking lot/facility is prohibited. The Township has four (4) ten (10) hour lots located in the Downtown that can be used for daily parking needs at no cost. The Township owned lots are located on Centennial Park Drive, Albert St North, Toronto St North and Church St. The Albert St South lot is only available for 2 hour parking.

Parking at any Township Facility is strictly for the use of patrons to the particular facility and all other vehicles may be tagged and/or towed at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.     

The Township of Uxbridge has implemented a permitting system that allows residents to purchase a parking permit in one of two (2) municipal lots located at either Centennial Park Drive or Albert St (North side). The cost of the permit is $20.00 a month (minimum 3 months must be purchased). This would allow a permit holder to park from 5 pm to 7am. For additional information or to make application please visit the Clerk’s Department at the Township Hall.  


Q-  How do I file a Bylaw/Animal related complaint?
A-  By-law complaint must be submitted in writing; including your name, address, contact information, signature, location of the offence, and any other additional details. 

Q-  Can I get a copy of Uxbridge By-laws online?
A-  Yes. Please visit the link below for a list of Uxbridge Regulatory Bylaws.           http://uxbridge.ca/bylaws#Regulatory_By-Laws_for_the_Township_of_Uxbridge

Q-  Am I allowed to store a boat/trailer on my driveway?
A-  Yes. You may store a recreational vehicle in your driveway. The vehicle Must be operable and bear valid Ontario Licence plates.  (Please note, you are NOT permitted to store a boat/trailer on the grassed portion of your property.)

Q-  Can I store un-plated vehicles in my driveway?
A-  The Uxbridge Property Standards By-law regulates the storage of derelict vehicles on residential property.

RC,ER,SR,HR,R1,R2,RM Zones- 1 vehicle permitted, can not be visible from a public road and must be work in progress .             

EP,OS,RU,RH Zones- 2 vehicles permitted, can not be visible from a public road, must be work in progress.        

All other Zones- storage of derelict vehicles prohibited. 

Q-  Do I have to maintain the sidewalk adjacent my property, vacant land or building?
A-  Yes. You are required to remove all snow, slush and ice from the sidewalk adjacent your property, vacant land or building. 

Q-  What is the maximum height I can keep my grass?
A-  The Uxbridge Clean and Clear By-law 2008-142 stipulates all grass/weeds must be maintained at a height no greater than 15cm (6 inches). 

Q-  Does the Township By-law provide me with a “Notice to Clear” for snow removal, prior to carrying out the work?
A-  No. This may be provided as a courtesy to properties which we have not dealt with in the past.  The Uxbridge Snow Removal By-law 2008-160 stipulates the Township may clear snow, slush and ice from a Township sidewalk if the owner or occupant of the abutting property fails to do so within 24 hours of the accumulation of such snow, ice, slush.
(Please note, the owner is liable to the Township for the costs incurred in doing so)

Q-   Can I park on the road overnight?
A-   No. There is a 3 hour time limit for parking on every road in the Township, unless otherwise posted. Through the winter months, overnight parking (2am-7am) is strictly enforced. Overnight parking permits can be purchased for certain Municipal lots. 

Q-   Does the Bylaw Department respond to noise complaints?
A-   Yes. Once a formal complaint is received the Bylaw Department will send a educational notice to the owner making such noise.  If the noise continues to disturb neighbouring residents the complainant will be required to maintain noise logs. If noise logs will be used in court proceedings, the complainant will be required to give evidence. 

Q-  Who is responsible for enforcing dog and cat issues in the Township?
A-   The Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Services. They can be contacted at
905-985-9547 or pound@uxbridge-scugog-animal-shelter.ca

Q-   How many dogs and cats am I allowed to have?
A-   The maximum permitted number of dogs per residence is 2, and no household shall keep more than 3 cats. If your property is zoned Rural and larger than 10 acres you are permitted one additional dog ( total of 3), and the restrictions on number of cats does not apply. 

Q-   Is there an Off-Leash Dog Park in the Township of Uxbridge?
A-   Yes, south of the Uxbridge Museum at 7239 Concession 6. Outside of this fenced location, all dogs must be leashed when off property not owned by the dog owner.  

Q-  Where do I get my Dog licence in the Township of Uxbridge?
A-   Licences are available online at Docupet.com or at the Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter, and Uxbridge Township offices - 51 Toronto Street South - during regular office hours. Please refer to the Animal Control page for licence fees. 

Q-   Can I keep Livestock on my property?
A-   The Uxbridge Zoning By-law 81-19 permits the keeping of livestock on properties Zoned Rural only. 

Q-   Can I park a commercial vehicle on my property?
A-   If you live in a R1, R2, RM Zone you can stored a one ton capacity commercial vehicle in any private garage which you operate or you can store a commercial motor vehicle not exceeding one-half ton on such lot.
(Note only one commercial motor vehicle is permitted to be stored, housed or parked on a lot)

Q-   Who do I contact to obtain a permit for a temporary sign?
A-    The Building Department located in the Township Hall 

Q-    Can I do construction work or operate tools on a Sunday or Holiday?   
A-    General Construction Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, no noise Sundays and Holidays.
        Domestic Construction Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, Sundays and Holidays 9am-7pm. 

Q-    Who do I contact for a permit for a permanent sign to be erected on my property?
A-     The Building Department located in the Township Hall. 

Q-     Can I display a sandwich broad sign for my business on a Township   Road?
A-     No. Sandwich or A-Frame sign can be posted on Regional Road for a 72-hour period, before needing to be moved 500m from its original location. 

Q-     Do I need a permit to remove a tree?
A-     No, there is no applicable municipal By-law that regulates the removal of private property trees.  (Owners must consult other potential applicable Regional, Provincial and/or Federal legislations ie.  Region of Durham Tree Removal By-law, Conservation Act, Migratory Bird Convention Act.

(Note:  You must also review your survey to ensure tree is not on Township Property.)

Regulatory By-Laws for the Township of Uxbridge


Adequate Heat By-law No. 2013-044


A by-law to require adequate and suitable heat for rented or leased dwelling or living accommodation in the Township of Uxbridge.

Adult Entertainment Parlour By-law No. 1982-023 - Consolidated


A by-law relating to owners and operators of adult entertainment parlours and to attendants at adult entertainment parlours.

Alternative Energy By-law No. 2013-163


A by-law to provide the Township of Uxbridge Fire Department information on premises utilizing an alternative energy source.

Animal Control By-law No. 2009-081


A by-law to licence, regulate and prohibit certain animals or classes thereof within the limits of the Township of Uxbridge.

Appointment of By-law Officers Regional By-law No. 2004-074


A by-law to appoint employees of the area municipalities as municipal by-law enforcement officers for the purpose of enforcing certain Regional By-laws.

Buildings - Erection and Safety By-law No. 1996-126 - Consolidated

A by-law under the Building Code Act respecting permits and related matters.
Buildings - Administration and Enforcement of the Building Code Act, By-law No. 2015-127 A by-law under the Building Code Act respecting permits and related matters.

Business Licensing By-law No. 2012-114 - Consolidated

A by-law to provide for the licensing and regulation of various businesses in the Township of Uxbridge.

Cash-in-lieu of Parkland By-law No. 2000-071

A by-law to require a park dedication as a condition of development or redevelopment of land.

Clean and Clear By-law No. 2008-142 - Consolidated

A by-law to regulate the draining, cleaning and clearing of lands within the Township of Uxbridge.

Construction Fire Safety By-law No. 2015-083

A by-law to adopt construction site fire safety guidelines for the Township of Uxbridge.

Council Code of Conduct and Complaint Procedure By-law No. 2017-190 - Consolidated

A by-law to adopt the Township of Uxbridge Council Code of Conduct and Complaint Procedure

Discharge of Firearms By-law No. 2013-144

A by-law to prohibit and regulate the discharge of guns, or other fire-arms, air-guns, cross-bows, long-bows or any other class or type thereof in the Township of Uxbridge.

Election Sign and Third Party Sign By-law No. 2018-057 - Consolidated

Amended by By-law No. 2018-140

Amended by By-law No. 2018-142

A by-law to regulate Election Signs and Registered Third Party Advertisement Signs in the Township of Uxbridge

Encroachment on Public Lands By-law No. 2012-145

A by-law to regulate encroachments on public lands.

Fence By-law No. 2012-119

A by-law to prescribe the height and description of lawful fences in the Township and to require the owners of privately owned outdoor swimming pools to erect and maintain fences and gates around such swimming pools.

Fence Cost Sharing By-law No. 2012-121

Township Division Fence Cost Sharing - Citizen Guide

A by-law to provide for the apportionment of costs of division fences.
Fuel Tank Removal By-law No. 2016-125 A by-law to require the removal of fuel tanks from properties once abandoned or no longer in use.

Fill (Site Alteration) By-law No. 2010-084 - Consolidated

Amended by By-law No. 2017-018

Amended by By-law No. 2018-046

A site alteration by-law to prohibit or regulate the removal of topsoil, the placing or dumping of fill and the alteration of the grade of land in areas of the Township of Uxbridge.

Fire By-law No. 2007-209,
as amended

A by-law to regulate the setting and maintaining of fires in the open air within the Township of Uxbridge.

Fireworks By-law No. 2011-012

A by-law to prohibit and regulate the sale and discharge of fireworks.

Fortification of Land By-law No. 2003-104


A by-law to regulate the fortification of land and to prohibit excessive fortification of land and to prohibit the application of excessive protective elements to land within the Township of Uxbridge.
A by-law to prohibit graffiti on property and to require properties to be kept free of graffiti within the Township of Uxbridge.

Kennel By-law No. 2009-082

A by-law to licence, regulate and govern kennels in the Township of Uxbridge.

Line Fences By-law No. 2012-120

A by-law to appoint fence-viewers and to set a reasonable administrative fee and fence-viewer fee for fence viewings under the line fences act.

Loitering-Nuisance By-law No. 1996-089 - Consolidated

A by-law for the prohibition and abatement of certain public nuisances.

Motorized Snow Vehicles By-law No. 2010-037


A by-law to regulate, prohibit and govern the operation of motorized snow vehicles within the Township of Uxbridge.

Noise By-law No. 2012-011 - Consolidated

A by-law to regulate, prohibit and other-wise control noise in the Township of Uxbridge.

Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustion Appliances By-law No. 2009-039

A by-law to regulate the location, installation and operation of outdoor solid fuel combustion appliances in the Township of Uxbridge.

Parks By-law No. 2018-152

A by-law to regulate and control the use of Parks and Park Buildings.

Peat Extraction By-law No. 1993-019 - Consolidated

A by-law to prohibit and regulate the removal or disturbance of peat within the Township of Uxbridge

Personal Conveyance By-law No. 2010-012 - Consolidated

A by-law to regulate and control the use of skateboards, bicycles and similar devices within the Township of Uxbridge.

Powers of Entry By-law No. 2009-055

A by-law to provide powers of entry for the purposes of inspection.

Procedural By-law No. 2018-108

A by-law to govern the proceedings of the municipal council of the Township of Uxbridge, and of its committees, boards and the conduct of its members.

Prohibited Animals By-law No. 2013-168

A by-law to prohibit or otherwise regulate the keeping of certain animals within the Township of Uxbridge.
A by-law for prescribing standards for the maintenance and occupancy of all property within the Township of Uxbridge.

Property Standards Development and Redevelopment By-law No. 2010-134

A by-law to adopt a policy for property maintenance standards for development and redevelopment for properties

Racing By-law No. 1975-042 - Consolidated

A by-law to license, regulate and govern the racing of Motor Vehicles, Go-Karts, and Motorcycles in the Township of Uxbridge and for licensing, regulating and governing the holding of Motor Vehicle , Go-Kart or Motorcycle races in the Township of Uxbridge.

Refuse By-law No. 2010-103 - Consolidated

A by-law to prohibit the depositing of refuse or debris on lands within the Township without the consent of the property owner or occupant of land.
Regional Sign By-law A by-law to regulate temporary signs and banner devices on or adjacent to Regional Roads.

Replica and Imitation Firearms By-law No. 2006-023

A by-law to regulate the sale and possession of replica firearms and imitation firearms in the Township of Uxbridge.

Rural Cross Section for Extensions to Roads within an Unopened Right of Way By-law No. 2017-150

A by-law to adopt the standard rural local road section with open ditches for the design criteria for extensions to roads within an unopened right of way.
A by-law to regulate, prohibit and otherwise control noise from shooting ranges in the Township of Uxbridge.

Sign By-law No. 2002-059 - Consolidated

A by-law passed pursuant to the provisions of Section 210 of the Municipal Act, R.S.O., 1980, c.302, as amended, to regulate the erection, location, class and type of signs and advertising devices in the Township of Uxbridge.

Site Plan Control By-law No. 2012-059


A by-law passed pursuant to the provisions of Section 41 of The Planning Act, R.S.O., 1990, as amended, to designate the Township as a Site Plan Control area and to define classes of development subject to Site Plan Control.

Smoking - Regional By-law No. 2019-028

A by-law to regulate smoking and vaping in public places and in the work place.

Snow Removal By-law No. 2008-160 - Consolidated

A by-law to prohibit the accumulation of slush, snow and ice and regulate the removal of slush, snow and ice.

Special Events By-law No. 2014-020


A by-law to regulate and govern the holding of special events in the Township of Uxbridge, and to establish a permit system for special events.

Street Numbering By-law No. 1992-003 - Consolidated

A by-law to provide for the numbering of buildings and properties in the Township of Uxbridge.
A by-law for the licensing, regulating and governing of taxicab drivers, owners and taxicab brokers, and for limiting the number of taxicabs.

Traffic - Municipal By-law No. 2013-184 - Consolidated

Amended by By-law No. 2016-007

Amended by By-law No. 2017-020

Amended by By-law No. 2018-174

A by-law to regulate traffic and parking on highways, private property and municipal property within the Township of Uxbridge.

Traffic - Regional By-law No. 2006-044


A by-law to consolidate, repeal and replace the by-laws that regulate traffic and parking on highways and municipal property under the jurisdiction of the Regional Municipality of Durham.

Tree Cutting - Regional By-law No. 2008-027

A by-law to prohibit or regulate the destruction or injuring of trees in woodlands in the Regional Municipality of Durham.

Two Unit Housing Registry By-law No. 1999-107 - Consolidated

A by-law to provide for registration of Two-Unit Houses and Appointing a Registrar to register Two-Unit Houses in a Public Register.