• Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee


The first Sculpture Symposium held in 2008, in Centennial Park as part of the Celebration of the Arts festivities, included Studio Tour artists (from left to right) Fly Freeman, Gert Untermann and Wynn Walters.  Their sculptures are now on display around downtown Uxbridge.

Committee Information

A newly formed committee, the Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee (AVEC), has been formed by Uxbridge Town Council.

The Committee is made up of  3 members of Uxbridge's vibrant artistic community:  Tamara McKenney, Francis Muscat and Stuart Blower and 2 members of the general public:  Jennifer Maknyik and Liivi Kask-Ruona.

Following the lead of many communities across the country, this committee recognizes that public art has a positive impact upon our community.  Public art enchances appearance, generates community pride amongst residents, increases respect for public property, and promotes tourism.  Public art and visual enhancement contributes to the dynamic nature of our community for both residents and tourists.

Given the strength and breadth of the local Uxbridge artist community, (see the artistic carvings and murals already around the region) the committee plans to have public art and visual enhancement contribute positively to the dynamic nature of our community.

If you are an art enthusiast you will love these tours!  Uxbridge is home to over 25 indoor and outdoor art installations, many created by internationally renowned artists who reside in Uxbridge!  Choose from a self-guided downtown walking tour, or follow a tour through the countryside by bike or car to discover the art that enhances the outskirts of Uxbridge. Visit discoveruxbridge.ca/art-tour/ for both tours.

Get involved:  Ideas from the general public are welcomed, we also accept donations and would help in facilitating commissioned artworks to be installed on Town property.

For further general information or if you have ideas for the use of art in the Towship, contact Debbie Leroux or Gary Ruona at the Uxbridge Town Office - 905-852-9181.


This Committee recognizes that Public Art has a positive impact on our community.  Public Art enhances appearance, generates greater respect for community pride among residents, increases respect for public property and promotes tourism.  Public Art and Visual Enhancement contribute to the dynamic nature of our community for both residents and tourists.

With this in mind, the Art and Visual Enhancement Committee (AVEC) was initiated as a committee of council by the Township of Uxbridge in 2011 to document and oversee the location of current art throughout the Township.  Further the committee shall function in an advisory capacity to review and make recommendations regarding future placement of Art and potential degradation within the Township.

The committee will facilitate in the creation of new Public Art through funding, research, commissions, location and maintenance.  The key component of any recommendation will deal with sources of funding for the maintenance of the Artwork.


Award Winner: Exuberance

Exuberance: The large and lovely sculpture which graces Gerd Untermann's garden, has recently won a major award for 'Representational Sculpture' from the American Art Awards. This sculpture not only expresses the joy between a parent and child playing together, but also is a fine representation of Gerd's own exuberant attitude to life.

Bear and Cubs

Bear and Cubs: You can see the following example of Gert's work at Uxbridge Town Hall. The "Bear and Cubs" was created during the 2008 Sculpture Symposium.