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All statutory public meetings and pre-consultation meetings have been cancelled. Meetings of the Committee of Adjustment have been temporarily suspended. Pre-consultation meetings will be scheduled for a later date and may need to be conducted via tele-conference. For questions regarding the planning process, the status of open files, or to submit a planning application please call Brian at 416-990-1936 or Michael at 416-427-8660, or send an email.

Applications for Zoning By-Law Amendments can be found on our website.


The Development Services Department facilitates and implements planning policy and development services, including building activities.  The focus of this Department is:

  • The review and processing of development applications, including minor variances.
  • The review and issuance of building permits (See Below - Why Building Permits are Required)

Planning Process

Current Planning Applications

The Current Planning Applications page will contain the relevant documents regarding the planning applications that the Township receives. Check back for regular updates.

Official Plan

The Official Plan reflects a community vision for future change and development and outlines in a broad manner the land use and development guidelines for Uxbridge.  Generally, the Township of Uxbridge Official Plan guides growth and development within the urban limits of the Town of Uxbridge.  The Durham Region Official Plan guides land uses within the rural areas of Uxbridge. The Official Plan is implemented through the Zoning By-law.

Official Plan

If a landowner wishes to develop land differently than that which the Official Plan prescribes, they may make an application for an Official Plan Amendment.

Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Application Guide

Zoning and Official Plan Amendment Application Form

Note:  The Planning Fees Agreement form must be completed and submitted with the application.

Township Tree & Shrub Standards

Downtown Revitalization

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Zoning By-law (Updated February 2019)

The Zoning Bylaw implements the policies and objectives detailed in the Official Plan. It outlines how a specific parcel of land may be used and regulates matters such as lot size, parking requirements, building height, landscaping requirements and other site-specific factors.

If an applicant wishes to develop a property in a manner that deviates from the current zoning provisions, they must apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment; also referred to as a rezoning. For example, a change of use from residential to commercial would require a Zoning By-law Amendment.

Sometimes a property owner only wants to make a minor deviation to the Zoning By-law provision such as a building setback or height restriction. This can be done by applying to the Committee of Adjustment for what is known as a minor variance. For example, a property owner planning an addition onto their house determines that with the addition there will only be a 6.5 meter rear yard. The Zoning By-law requires a rear yard depth of 7.5 meters. This is a minor deviation, and the owner could apply to the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance that if approved would relax the rear yard requirement under the Zoning By-law and allow for the addition to proceed.

Zoning By-law Amendment Application Form

Note:  The Planning Fees Agreement form must be completed and submitted with the application.

Amendments to Zoning By-law Number 81-19 and Zoning By-law Index

Zoning By-law Number 81-19

The Township has initiated a review of its Zoning By-law (By-law 81-19).  The By-law has functioned effectively over the years; however, it does not reflect the current policy framework of the Province, Region and Township.  Below is the detailed information regarding this review.

Zoning By-law Review Report 

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Site Plan Approval/Site Plan Agreement

This is a planning review process that examines design and technical aspects of a proposed development. Site plans provide detailed information about development plans for a specific property. For example, site plans describe the location of parking, property access, building details, including elevations and landscaping details. Site Plan Approval concludes in a site plan agreement registered on title to the property.

Site Plan Approval Application Guide

Site Plan Approval Application

Note:  The Planning Fees Agreement form must be completed and submitted with the application.

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Uxbridge Urban Area Servicing Allocation Policy (Sewage Allocation Policy)

New Development in The Uxbridge Urban Area is conditional on the availability of municipal sewage and water services in accordance with the requirements of the Township Official Plan.  The capacity of these services is limited and must be regularly monitored to ensure that development approvals do not exceed capacity.

This Servicing Allocation has been developed to ensure that servicing capacity is allocated to best meet the objectives of the Township, as determined by the Township, and to implement Provincial and Regional policy to manage development in a manner which efficiently uses land, and existing resources, infrastructure and public service facilities. 

Uxbridge Sewage Allocation Policy

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Land Division

For any information related to Land Division (Consents) please contact the Region of Durham Planning Department at 905-668-7711

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For further information regarding the Development Services Department, please contact:

Development Services Department
51 Toronto St. South
P.O. Box 190
(905) 852-9181
(905) 852-9674 (fax)

Emilia Gruyters
Planning Technician and
Committee of Adjustment Secretary

Development Services Department
51 Toronto St. South
P.O. Box 190
(905) 852-9181 ext. 212
(905) 852-9674 (fax)
Email: egruyters@uxbridge.ca

Jo Ann Merrick,
Administrative Assistant to
Public Works and Development Services

Development Services Department
51 Toronto St. South
P.O. Box 190
(905) 852-9181 ext. 202
(905) 852-9674 (fax)
Email: jmerrick@uxbridge.ca

Planning Fees

News: 2019 Development Charges Background Study - Hemson Consulting Ltd. Click Here to view the report.

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Development Charges:

Development Charges Fee Chart - Effective July 1, 2019

The information below summarizes the Development Charge Policy of the Township of Uxbridge. This information is intended only as a guide. Applicants should review the approved by-law and consult with the Township of determine the charges that may apply to specific development proposals.

Residential (as of May 13, 2019)
Charge Per Unit Type
  Singles & Semis
Rows & Other Multiples
Special Care/
Special Needs
General Government $10 $8 $5 $3
Library Services $692 $530 $346 $238
Fire & Rescue $749 $573 $375 $257
Animal Control $51 $39 $25 $18
Parks & Recreation $6,705 $5,133 $3,352 $2,305
Public Works $110 $84 $55 $38
Township Engineering $6,925 $5,302 $3,462 $2,380
Total Municipal Charge $15,242 $11,669 $7,620 $5,239
(1) Based on Persons Per Unit of: 3.3 3.0 2.0 1.1
Non Residential
Charges Per Square Metre of New Gross Floor Area
  Non-Residential Development Charges
effective May 13, 2019
  $sq.m of GFA
General Government $0.08
Parks & Recreation $0.00
Fire & Rescue $4.96
Animal Control $0.00
Library Services $0.00
Public Works $0.77
Township Engineering $48.01
Total Municipal Charge $53.82

Planning Fees

Official Plan Amendment $4,360.00 plus all external costs
Hamlet Plan Amendment $2,125.00 plus all external costs
Plan of Subdivision/Condominium  
10 lots/units or less $7,982.00 and $400.00 per lot plus all external costs
11 - 100 lots/units $15,200.00 and $400.00 per lot in excess of 10 lots plus all external costs
101 lots/units or more $22,480.00 and $400.00 per lot in excess of 10 lots plus all external costs
Revision to Draft Approved Plan $2,900.00 plus all external costs
Zoning By-law Amendment Application  
Temporary Use,  including potential Holding Symbol removal $2,860.00 plus all external costs
Single Renewal of Temporary Use $1,310.00 plus all external costs
Minor Amendment (single lot severance) including potential Holding Symbol removal $4,575.00 plus all external costs
Major Amendment including potential Holding Symbol $8,350.00 plus all external costs
Removal of Holding 'H' Symbol on Existing By-laws $325.00
Removal of Part Lot Control $720.00 plus all external costs
Release of 1 Foot Reserve (.3m) $720.00 plus all external costs
Dwellings in Ancillary Buildings $2,550.00 plus all external costs
Site Plan Applications  
Minor Site Plan arising from minor variance approval $720.00 plus all external costs
Site Plan for single building commercial or industrial proposal on a single lot exclusive of a plaza, department store or supermarket proposal $3,600.00 plus all external costs
Site Plan for Agricultural Building $545.00 plus all external costs
Major Site Plan - any proposal not classified above $7,250.00 plus all external costs
Site Plan Amendment $720.00 plus all external costs
Review Fees  
REA/MNR Site Plan Review $3,625.00 plus all external costs
Telecommunication Towers Site Plan Review $3,710.00 plus all external costs
Exemt Telecommunication Tower Review $530.00 plus all external costs
MNR Site Plan Amendment Review $720.00 plus all external costs
Medical Marihuana Facilities Review $2,730.00 plus all external costs
Consent Applications  
Consent Application (plus Land Division Clearance Letter) $445.00 each plus all external costs
Committee of Adjustment Applications  
Residential & Non-Residential $700.00
Plan of Subdivision to accomodate siting of a
particular model
Tabling Fee - Fee is applicable whether applicant or
committee requests tabling of application
Retroactive Fee - Where conditions of approval have
not lapsed but the applicant anticipates that the
conditions of approval will not be fulfilled in the
required timeframe.
Emergency Meeting $1,100.00
Additional Public Meeting  
Applications requiring additional public meeting $715.00
Other Fees/Permits  
Pool Enclosure Permit


If grading plan required, additional fee of $175.00

Sign Permit - Temporary Sign (30 days or less) $75.00 each
Sign Permit - Permanent Sign (longer than 30 days) $125.00 each
Sign Variance $270.00 each
Grading Deposits $3,500.00
Grading Plan Approval (residential lots) $500.00
Compliance Letters
     if required within 7 days of receipt
Land Division Clearance Letter $100.00
Rural # Signs $30.00
Fence By-law Exemptions $75.00
Fill Permit Fees  
Fill less than 1000 cubic metres $545.00 + $0.25 per cubic metre
Fill greater than 1000 cubic metres $775.00 + $2.00 per cubic metre

Extension of permit for fill less than 1000 cubic metres
(sec 5.1b)

Extension of permit for fill greater than 1000 cubic metres  (sec 5.1b) $400.00 per inspection

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